Welcome to the Team Diann!

Hair&MakeupArtistWith all of the preparation and scheduling for work to get done on the studio, I realized that it was time look for and hire at least one dedicated hair and makeup artist for the studio, once we are up and running.  I want someone professional, but fun to be around.  Someone who can keep the energy high and someone who has a great sense of humor.  I want someone who knows the business and realizes what it takes to get excellent clients, capture those beautiful photographs, and to make our clients happy.  What I didn’t realize is that I already had someone like that in my life.

I had the honor of meeting up with an old friend for lunch and we spent over 4 hours catching up. It is amazing when you are with the right people how very quickly the time can pass.  It was a great lunch!

My friend, Diann, decided to add even more knowledge to her arsenal, and decided awhile ago to leave her own photography business and became a licensed Hair & Makeup Artist.  She loves hair and makeup, and it is one of her favorite parts of photography.  She has been working hard and I am all too happy to bring her in and and make her part of the team at Heilyn Photography.

Welcome to the team Diann elyse!

IMG_2175aDiann is a mother of two daughters ages 25 and 19. Her youngest daughter is pursuing her degree in ASL (American Sign Language) and her oldest daughter has her degree in Elementary Education and is a first grade teacher in Oakland County. She shares her house with a wonderful man and their 5 dogs.

Diann has a degree from Wayne State University in Forensic Science with a Minor in Photography. In order to be with her kids more, after moving back from California, she began a part-time career in photography that quickly turned full-time. She worked more in the graduation and family portrait market, with her favorite being youth dance competitions. She sold her company and decided it was time to learn something new. She attended Paul Mitchell Beauty School to pursue a career in Cosmetology and is a licensed Hair & Makeup Artist.

Diann says, “Heidi approached me with an incredible opportunity that allowed me to still participate in an art that I love but from a whole new point of view–the pre-photo preparations of making someone feel as beautiful as possible.”  What an exciting opportunity to be able to work together!  I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


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