Inspiration and Exploration

As I journey forward on this studio quest, I am constantly inspired while I explore the possibilities.  I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, Google, and my fellow photographer friends. Here are just a few of my findings that inspire me through this process.

I want the space to feel comfortable, peaceful, elegant and sophisticated, but with a touch of artistic flair.  It is an artistic space, and a place that I can feel inspired and give my clients a memorable experience, and create beautiful portraits.

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11-24-2014 7-02-20 PM 11-24-2014 7-00-58 PM11-24-2014 7-02-42 PMblog 3b076886b687eb95461da731f761e5b72  oplusa-giantpixel_0344-700x463IMG_130173076551542 Picture-33IMG_151625368917238

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